Tabletop Notebook, Cthulhu inspired

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A Cthulhu inspired Notebook for awesome GMs and Players doing their best! Take notes.

If the sound of a maddening flute for Azathoth or a "How do you want to do this" are familiar to you, then it's the perfect Note Book for your adventures! 

100 Pages to write your Scenarios, plot hooks, drawing your maps, summarize your party's adventure, taking notes of every details about that Necromancer Evy who's about to rule the world, checking how many 1's and 20's you've rolled in a session... Or drawing something for the Traveller perhaps? You can do anything, really, it's your note book! 

You want a custom design to fit your needs? Ask us! Everything is possible: rocks, moss, wood, whatever you request your fellow artisans will gladly do. You can even choose the eye of your patron! Not scarry at all! 

Be advised: the one displayed here weights 700g, and the Strength DC is 13, be sure to get it free off your hand from time to time.

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