Early 2024 news!

Early 2024 news!

Greetings and Happy 2024 from Kao’s and Arkan at the shop! This is a very important update!

TL;DR: Commission spots are closed until August 2024! Lots of work and we want to clear it before accepting anything more!

Arkan Cosplay Catherine Couderc Shork TFConnect 2023 Set Design Swoholo Simon Aatig
Picture by Simon Aatig

We have been operating relentlessly since 2019 and right now our work load through your constant and amazing support is so great that we have to close our commission spots until August 2024! 

We want to clear out what has been placed by 2023’s end and make sure we are fully available mentally and physically for any crafts this year! 

We are and will be busy all day to complete everything that has been placed while we also get BIGGER props done alongside in our free time! 2024 will be the year of TF2 Primaries, let’s put it at that now..!

Some events -videos cough cough- might lead to some special sale events for some reasons: more about that as March arrives!

Anybody that reached out to us before today’s update (January 10th, 2024) have custom ordering spots reserved. Anything else thrown our way past that date will have to wait until August 1st, 2024! Do send your requests though, as we can and will prioritise anything planned beforehand!

We will be more active here and on our Social Medias as well this year: we really want to keep on meeting new people! 

Proper updates will still happen through emails (arkancosplayshop@gmail.com) and through our Update Posts here, as usual! Reach out if you have anything in mind!

That’s all for now, have a wonderful day and thank you for your continuous support! We’re full of energy and there is a lot to sand, see you very soon!

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