Leper Full Cosplay

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"Spare the others, I am ready." - Are you? Our Leper full cosplay fit is out! You get 10% off through this bundle!

Each pieces are painted in Darkest Dungeon style and clear coated generously to protect from physical wears and tears as well as the weathering of time, which you cannot escape. 

This set includes:

-Sword: Sturdy, made with PLA and foam, reinforced internally with metal piping both for assembly and sturdiness!

-Mask: Same materials as above, with metal rives that hold adjustable 20mm leather straps!

-Chest Armor: Made with High Density foam and protected before paint with coats of rubber.

-Knee pads: Same materials as the chest, secured around your knees with light black jersey.

-Waders: Those are made from the same material as the chest and knee pads. Spikes are made of PLA. Beware: they are pointy.

-Cloak: Heavy linen with permanent dye and cell shading. Wash at 30°C with low RPM or dry clean for better care!

-Bandages: Double Gauze cotton painted at the edges. This is where we lose our sanity, and you get to enjoy them! Enough to wrap your 4 limbs!

Please send us the color scheme you'd like to go with with your order as well as your measurements! Otherwise we'll go the desaturated yellow tones and a M-L size!

There are no eldritch horror included. Unless delivery services and customs changed that.

We need some time to assemble the whole set, and we can work with leather! Contact us through the form bellow for more!

It's Handmade!

Each order are treated the same: with joy, efficiency and passion. We are as fond of as you on the matter! We have a wide variety of skillsets allowing us to craft always beyond our limitations! As we expend, you can aways expect the Best from us.

How we ship things.

We love taking care of our crafts! We make every parcels from start to finish. We use recyclable packing peanuts fot the best handling, as well as double corrugated cardboard custom sheets. Your item is wrapped safely in bubble wrap for a nice delivery and accompanied with orange tips or other law requirements!

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