Processing Time

This is how much time we need to make each items! Delivery happens 4 days to 2 weeks later depending on where you live! Please note that placing an order with several products will base the crafting time on the highest window. However, we are efficients in our work and are more likely to ship before the end of the announced time!

Large builds and such can add extra rates to keep them in prime condition. Each parcels are protected the best way possible so there are no issues with the handling services.

/!\ We are updating this list very soon so it has a fresh design and updated crafting time. But keep these as reference!

Arkan's Collection:

-Anybody's Cloack: 2-3 weeks
-Comfy Snippy's Hoodie: 5-6 weeks
-Evy's Mage Robe: 5-6 weeks

Critical Role:

-Caleb's Old Coat: 2-3 weeks
-Caleb's Old Undercoat: 2-3 weeks
-Caleb's Old Scarf: 1-2 weeks
-Fjord's Falchion: 4-6 weeks
-Nott's Mask: 2-3 weeks


More to come 2021!


-Tabletop Notebook - Lurking Eye: 2-3 weeks

The Outer Worlds

-Plasma Cutter: 3-4 weeks

Team Fortress 2

-Australium Scattergun: 3-4 weeks
-Axtinguisher: 3-4 weeks
-Bonesaw (Classic&UV): 2-3 weeks
-Scattergun: 2-3 weeks
-Construction PDA: 2-3 weeks
-Medigun: 4-6 weeks
-Scorch Shot: 2-3 weeks
-Solemn Vow: 4-6 weeks
-Tribalman's Shiv: 2-3 weeks
-Übersaw: 2-3 weeks
-Wanga Prick: 2-3 weeks


-Chara's Knife: 2-3 weeks
-Gaster's Mask: 2-3 weeks
-Jevil's mask: 2-3 weeks
-Ralsei Cosplay: 4-6 weeks


-Machete: 2-3 weeks
-NCR Ranger Air Tanks: 2-3 weeks
-NCR Ranger Chest Armor: 2-3 weeks
-NCR Ranger Duster: 4-6 weeks
-NCR Ranger Forearm Plate: 2-3 weeks
-NCR Ranger Gloves and Plates: 2-3 weeks
-NCR Ranger Helmet: 2-3 weeks
-Ranger Sequoia: 5-6 weeks
-Ranger Sequoia Holster: 3-4 weeks
-Sacrificial Blade: 2-3 weeks

Legals can be found here.