Our Story

This page is a bit old but hey, you're welcome to read! -Arkan

Who are We?

We are a team of two Cosplays and Props Makers based in France! 

Catherine "Arkan" Couderc is the owner and original creator of the shop. Self taught that grew the business on her own until November 2019 when Marie joined her.

I love what I do! Always have been. Started young and I intend to keep at it until... Old? Always starting bigger projects though small ones are fun to relax every once in a while in-between orders!

Arkan Cosplay Owner Catherine Guilhem Couderc

Marie "Kao's" Sanchez
is Catherine's associate. A talented, focused and generous artist that helps her on every tasks.

She has an amazing focus and a serious need to draw whenever she can to explain her thoughts. She shows her expertise in sketches, sewing and paint. She is willing to learn along Arkan's Leadership and shows a huge dedication and interest in each and every project.

Kao's applying the protective coat on Kurion Skull

A little bit of History

Arkan had a shop on Etsy that saw the light on March 2016 on the side of her studies. It became Arkan's full job on December 7th, 2018.

She grew the shop, reached over 250 sales, positive and heartwarming reviews as well as some critiques on her work that made her better herself. She later associated with Kao's on November 7th of 2019 to go further.

Etsy's ethic changes as a company repelled us from their system very quicly and we went to own our domain (read freedom) over here on our own Website!

You can see our old shop here, missing about 30-ish orders before we moved out!

We value screen accuracy, convenience, environmental friendly materials, smart crafting and quality customer service. And having fun, lots of it!

What's next then?

We'll keep crafting and selling what we've already done and more as long as we can and we want. Arkan is willing to make greater and bigger projects movie-making wise. We are working on stuff that needs to be unveiled every now and then, so check our Social Medias and Blog Posts to learn about what's on our mind and who we are!

See you around! Have a wonderful day!