Soda Popper

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Our Soda Popper with moving parts and fake cartridges, enough to be annoying while running circles around people!

Made with our usual Premium PLA and Fir Wood! Painted with Heaby Body Acrylics and clear coated generously so it stays in its prime for as long as possible.

Pivot piece is hard plastic and a full steel rod so nothing breaks, and the opening if ever violent gets toned down by our fake duct tape made out of foam.

The soda can has a custom made label by yours truly! And we can either make custom fine prints if you'd like or the can glowing! 

Shipped with 2 fake shells!

Here is our soundless presentation video for you!

We need around 2 to 3 weeks to make one. 


Each order are treated the same: with joy, efficiency and passion. Chances are we are as fond of as you on the matter. We have a wide variety of skillsets allowing us to craft always beyond our limitation. As we expend, you can aways expect the Best from us.


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