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Another Medic Secondary up! Our Quick-Fix Replica!

Perfect cosplay prop to carry for your Team Fortress 2 Medic cosplay.

Available for Red and Blue team! You can request another custom color if you want!

All made with Durable Premium PLA and PETG.

The upper handle moves like in the game. The prop is about 70cm and 31cm high without the upper handle!

Light system is operated by two 9v batteries located at the back that power very bright LEDs so you get that charging light effect! 

The handle controls what LEDs you power, and there are switches so you do not have to worry about it if you don't feel like it! One at the bottom near the bot handle and one on the right side near the box's gauge!

Two versions are available and are the followings:

-Chargin': 10 powerful LEDs, enough to be awesome and heal your allies! The one shown in the pictures!

-Übercharge: an additional 10 LEDs batch added for a total of 20 to Übercharge your allies and have the brightest and epic glow!

Paintjob is made to match the game style and our usual Metal variation we propose to get a real feeling is also available for this prop. It does not change the materials! If you are looking for the game's art-style go for the Classic variation! 

Here is our soundless presentation video!

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