NCR Ranger Full Cosplay

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The full NCR Ranger Experience made by Arkan Cosplay. From fans, for the Fan.

This Cosplay Set includes:

-The famous Chest Armor.

-An Embroided Duster made with military grade canvas.

-Our 2 Parts Helmet with inside padding and lenses plus lamps wired running on 9v and 2 3v button batteries (not included).

-Gloves, their detachable plates and forearm gears.

-The Air Filter Backpack that links itself easily on our dusters.

-A grey trouser as close as the original displayed in game.

This cosplay comes in two weathered style:

-Lightly, where everything has taken some damage but are still holding, they are what you have in game.

-Heavily, where you are wearing one of the most beaten up piece of armor through the whole Waste. You are known and feared. The most renown Ranger.

Every armor pieces are made with Recycled High Density Foam and coated with heavy rubber for the best protection against wear and tear.

The helmet electronics are easy to use and the battery storage remains on the inside of the helmet. The lenses are the same color as you see in the pictures.

All fabrics and threads are 100% Cotton and are to be washed at no higher than 40°C. Handwashing is highly recommended though they can sustain machine cycles.

Your glove, head and overall sizes are required to work on this set so please send us a message before, while or after you placed your order!

Thank you to Lescagotgraphe for the last pictures! They are from an older version but the helmet's lenses remain the same!

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