NCR Ranger Duster

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Embroided Duster made from Military grade canvas and passion.

You ever think about being a Ranger? Well, do you? If the answer is "yes" and you found this Duster, chances are you're already part of the NCR Family!

Made with durable military cotton canvas. This Duster Coat will keep you dry and at good temperatures when hell or nuclear head starts dropping on your head.

NCR Bear and number are embroided on the sides but if you want something else or if you need a design please let us know, we can easily work on such requirements!

Three versions of this products are avaible and highly customizable:

-Clean, where it is... Clean. Straight out of the river with an Abraxo brushing, not a single trace of mud and sand!

-Weathered on a light scale. Some bullet holes, tears at the botton but nothing wild, the duster is used and has mud and sands stuck in seams.

-Weathered heavily, because you're clearly one of Mr.Kimball personal bodyguard and went through the Divide without any difficulties. The veteran's cloth at its best. Tattered in some places, hell of bullets unleashed on you, cuts and more. The best.

It weights around 4kg without any weathering, it is a very good coat and it feel empowering. Just what you need.

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Each order are treated the same: with joy, efficiency and passion. Chances are we are as fond of as you on the matter. We have a wide variety of skillsets allowing us to craft always beyond our limitation. As we expend, you can aways expect the Best from us.


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