Medic Backpack+Medigun Bundle

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Get our Medic Backpack and Medigun together and save 5%!

This set includes our Medic Backpack and Medigun! The Medigun comes in Australium or in the Classic TF2 style! The Medic Backpack stays the same!

-Medic Backpack: Comes with adjustable leather straps so it can fit anyone!

-Medigun: Comes wired and awaiting a 9v battery on the back ready to Charge or Über depending on how you move the handle and what you selected! Controlled with switches if you do not want to tire your arm. the lights in the Über mode are brighter as we double them inside but the Chargin status is powerful enough in the first place!

Be sure to get the correct colour or inform us as a Team change 1 week after ordering: things will be painted and sealed in the assembly process!

Here is how our Medigun works!


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