Leper Chest Plate

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"Spare the others, I am ready!"

Become invincible and maybe blind with our Leper Chest Plate!

Made with dense 10mm foam with back velkro scratches on 5mm foam fake leather strips!

Adjustable to an extend, made to fit someone within 90cm/35" bust up to 12cm/5" more. We can work with custom sizes: just ask! We have the templates ready to be customised at will!

The shoulders are free to you are not too impaired while going around.

Either in the well-known desaturated yellow or grey!


Each order are treated the same: with joy, efficiency and passion. Chances are we are as fond of as you on the matter. We have a wide variety of skillsets allowing us to craft always beyond our limitation. As we expend, you can aways expect the Best from us.


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