Kurion the Soul Harvester

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The perfect Necromancer Cosplay Scythe to display and carry around.

Waiting patiently for the souls to find their way to his reach, collect them and turn them to Aaris.

Kurion the God of Death from our own D&D campaign comes almost to life. Original Creation all made by ourselves. Hundreds of hours of work leading to this beast.

A 2,30 meters high per 1,6m wide Scythe with glowing eyes and smoke coming out of the skull.

It's a 3 parts prop that requires assembly once received. Has internal frame for easy assembly and sturdiness.

Made with Durable Premium Plastic and to be switched to resin cast.

It runs with (non delivered) 9v comon battery for the eye and a 3.7v lippo with micro losi ports for the fog machine. You need vegetal glycerin or fog juice to get the best out of the smoke machine and leave it on a minute or two for it to warm up.

Do no use the smoke machine more than one minute before leaving it to cool down for 10 minutes. Be mindful as we do not take responsability for any mishandling.

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If you want to see it in action, click here to access to our YouTube Channel!

This prop is massive and need a lot of time and care. Minimal time before completion is 2 months.


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