Australium Scattergun

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This is what happen when you bring Scatterguns and Australium together. Awesome shinny props.

It is the same as our original Scattergun, but with a magnificent chrome australium paint applied!

The lever moves, and the wood parts are real wood for a wonderful feel! Just like the original!

We make sure to coat and protect everything so it is not damaged in any way. However these type of paint need extra care and time on our side to apply so be sure to handle this replica with love. 

A Festive version is avaible and you get to chose which team you are part of! Requires a 9v battery to run for hours!

To know how much time we need to make this item, please consult this page!

It's Handmade!

Each order are treated the same: with joy, efficiency and passion. We are as fond of as you on the matter! We have a wide variety of skillsets allowing us to craft always beyond our limitations! As we expend, you can aways expect the Best from us.

How we ship things.

We love taking care of our crafts! We make every parcels from start to finish. We use recyclable packing peanuts fot the best handling, as well as double corrugated cardboard custom sheets. Your item is wrapped safely in bubble wrap for a nice delivery and accompanied with orange tips or other law requirements!

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