We're part of TFConnect 2023!

We're part of TFConnect 2023!

TL;DR: We are going to TFConnect 2023 and making almost all items from TF2 available for a short period of time!

We are very excited to be part of TFConnect 2023 and to bring TF2 to real life more than we usually do! 

Arkan have been designated Set Design lead earlier this year after being introduced to the Team after a certain Tweet and having been reached out from a certain someone and here we are!

As Set Design Lead and through our usual crafts, Arkan will be on-site to build walls and stuff alike - and we will not spoil what will be crafted! She will also be there Live so if you want to see and hear her talk a bit about our stuff and the Set: it would be your chance!


We are making almost all of TF2 weapons and equippables available from December 12th to December 31th, 2023! 

Each order placed alongside TFConnect 2023 and a little while after will have 5% of the item value donated to SpecialEffect! If you don’t know who they are, SpecialEffect is a Charity working on the inclusion of the physically disabled people to be able to play video games! Please check their dedication out because this is purely awesome and something we want to be part of.

As we’re “only” offering the TF2 Stock and the usual looks of each item, you will be able to upgrade later on your choice to anything you truly want! Australium, Festive, Warpaints, more electronics and customisations - You name it! Leave us a note while placing your order so we can come back to you about those or reach out to us by replying to the mail confirming your order!

This also means that any upgrades done after the event will still go to the Charity with the 5% fixed percentage! We’re doing so to save time for everyone and our sanity so we can enjoy being present at the event, while also being transparent about it!

This sale event is a gesture we have been allowed to run alongside TFConnect in order to raise more funds for the Charity and is not part of the TFConnect Merchandising (that you have to check out). This sale event allows people willing to purchase our work to support both the Charity and ourselves through our crafts. Because since we’re helping already, might as well go the extra mile!

There might be two items from our shop that have been made alongside all the pre-production work of TFConnect throughout Q3 and Q4 of this year… Keep an eye out on the Stream when Live!

PLEASE NOTE that anything bought for this sale event will be worked on late Q2 2024 if not later.

(Very important note from Arkan addressed to the Set Design Team)

A huge Thank You to the members of the Set Design Team. I am grateful to have met you all, truly! Thank you to Tyrsfall, TheUnusalLee, Virrian, Punny and Chase Hukill for the Set Design ideas, props making and furnishing! It’s been so much fun meeting you all, chatting, being involved in a fun project and having a great time overall! You all brought me a lot of good memories and I hope we’ll get to do more together in the future! Inspiration moves mountains, and it felt like the Earth shifted when in this meeting room!

That’s it for now, see you at TFConnect 2023!

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