We're discontinuing Undertale related items!

We're discontinuing Undertale related items!


This is quite the announcement!

We are discontinuing any Undertale and Deltarune related props, masks and cosplays we made so far as well as any projects that we might have had in mind!

We feel like the cosplays have been fun to have around and work on since 2018-ish and they are quite the achievements! Both Kao’s and I (Arkan, hello!) learned from each one that we’ve made! While we’re grateful for how it allowed us to grow both as makers, persons and business, we are slowly drifting away from the Undertale fever.

We still love the kind words and the games coming out (chapter 3 still not out at this post’s time), never doubt it! We feel like it is the right thing to do before burning out!

No legal actions or anything like that happened to us! It is our decision, nothing more.

We truly believe that as makers we should move onto new projects and have this chapter closed, for now!

There is so much to do, and working on Undertale cosplays is a fond memory we’ll remember fondly, thanks to you all! Customers, followers and convention people! Everything we make does not have to be a product, and this is the perfect example of knowing when to stop before losing passion and dreading to work on something you trick yourself into thinking you like doin It feels like this applies to anything, sorry for the existential crisis material!

Thank you so, SO MUCH for every opportunity it led to. We’ll remember them, forever!

Fluffy boi best boi, see you around with new projects!


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