Q3-4 2023 News!

Q3-4 2023 News!

Hello there! We’re due an update because I have been absolutely consistent with posting anything both on our Social Medias and this Blog, what are you talking about?

TL;DR: Kao’s slashed her left hand badly and had to take a 2 months break, so the production has been very slow and we’re catching up right now! Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale soon(™) and another Charity Sale event following!

This has been an interesting turn of events! 

So, let’s get into the thick of it.

Kao’s slashed her left hand about a few months ago, a little moment right after our first contact with Shork and the influx of orders we were preparing to tackle properly. This means that she got put on forced rest so she can focus on healing properly without any further injury (and start her journey on C++ in the meantime, what a woman). Having a badly healed leg for the rest of my life myself, we made it a priority that she must recover correctly. Hopefully she would be back on her feet (hands?) after enough weeks of not doing anything. What we did not really expect was everyone's support and well wishes!

So: thanks to you all, she is doing more than fantastic and has no further complications! Nothing weirdly reformed, closed, knitted: back to 99% capabilities! This has been an overwhelming support and smooth transition back to work, motivated as you could have guessed!


But as stated, we had to take a hit production/speed wise for this period of healing, and it has led to an overwork of my own person, taking multiple orders at the same time and falling sick for a few weeks here and there. We’re sorry for the late completions and slow progress but we can’t put ourselves more at risk when we are one person down. Health comes first and we’re sure anyone can understand that. We can’t ship stuff that has been marked with anything viral, we know how this ended for the past few years throughout the World..!

We also had a shortage of materials for some reasons, and some stuff is only arriving now and our printers yearn for evermore filament to consume. We have been busy though and we’re making steady progress on our orders list everyday! The cold settling in has been a slowing factor but this just means clearcoat take additional days to cure, which is fine since there’s a confinement zone for this very step!


In terms of #Order being worked on, this following list is the best we can provide for now, with some of them taking more time as mentioned before not only through Kao’s healing but update and rework! 

Anything past #1130 will be worked on by January 2024 and throughout Q1 of 2024! This has been warned through our Website’s big red banner at the very top for some time now. We assure having good quality out while not rushing into another incident through shortcuts and unfocused/overstimulated minds.

-1114 NCR Ranger is being finished next week-ush. Lots of leatherwork and weathering but all elements have been made, updated and upgraded!

-1116 Ancient Cane is being fully sanded by the days and primer/painted/assembled soon!

-1117/1118 Soda Popper have all their elements finished and awaiting final assembly now that the clearcoat has settled and then yet another photoshoot!

-1119 Construction PDA is the same as stated above, 99% done!

-1122 [redactedemoknight] Pipe Launcher and projectiles, sanding is going very strong!

-1124 Medic Backpack/Medigun Bundle, Printed right as you read!

-1125-1129-1130 Scatterguns, halfway printed!

-1127 Caber, Fully 3D Modeled with the 2 heads, printed soon!

-1128 [redactedmin] Skull Topper, 3D Modeling and killing my old GPU in the process, praise be Black Friday hardware upgrade


Anything else not listed will be worked on in Q1 2024! Here are all our assignments!

-1126 Dead Ringer, Medigun and Pipe Launcher+Projectiles

-1131 Updated NCR Ranger Helmet

-1132 S-M NCR Chest Armor

-1134 Metal Festive Übersaw

-1135-62 Pipe Launcher+Projectiles

-1136-37-38-40-43-45-53-55-59-61 Scatterguns (many MANY variants!)

-1139 Caleb Widogast Full cosplay (Arkan’s baby updated yes-yes!)

-1141-47-56 Medic Backpack/Medigun Bundle

-1142-50-51 Medic Backpack

-1144 [can’t say the name or we’ll spoil the surprise!]

-1148 Dead Ringer, Übersaw and Crusader’s Crossbow

-1149 Medigun

-1152 Vaccinator and its backpack AND glowing link!

-1154 Haunted Ghosts Sticky Launcher

-1157 Dead Ringer

-1158 Soda Popper

-1160 Quick-Fix

So this is BEFORE our Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale event! AND something really, Really, REALLY big coming by December that we hope will please any TF2 Fan! More about the latter, later!

We’ll have our annual Black Friday event detailed by tomorrow with everything clearly laid out for you to know where and what to get for what time!

I meant to do this post before skipping a whole quarter of a year, but time just flies and next thing you know we’re almost at the festivities again. Timeskip, or Warp, your choice.


We can’t thank you enough for your massive support and understanding for when Kao’s injury happened. Having so many well wishes, emails and compassion truly made us go through this event without as much worry as we thought we would face. We’re very grateful that we could feel such comfort and be in touch with human beings and not just order numbers and neverending production lists to go through.

That’s it for now! There is a lot to do and we can’t allow ourselves to dive into too many details: such time is allowed for sanding in the workshop! We’ll be in touch soon for our sale events and something very big by the end of this year!

Have a wonderful day!

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