Q2 2023 News!

Q2 2023 News!

Greetings, Varlets! A R K A N Online!

I’ve been playing Darktide lately, don’t mind the introduction. We meant to post this one exactly this Monday, but with what has been going on thanks to Shork (<3) this has shambled our production plans quite a lot as we did not expect THAT MANY orders!

TL;DR: 20+ items to make throughout what’s left of June, Q3 and the first half of Q4! We’re updating everyone by email by the end of this week (06-19-2023) about all of this craziness!

So: this serves as our late Q2 update and what’s next to come production-wise for Q3 and probably a bit of Q4 for the rest of this crazy year! We’re also notifying you right now, as well as adding a big unmissable red banner on our website and reaching out to you personally: any order placed NOW will be worked on later by the end of this year, think around October at best! (06-19-2023)

We’ll have proper dates for past #1114 as we go and steadily clear orders to you, keep an eye out for another post like this one throughout Q3!

Like the previous update and as always, nothing is worked on as listed here: some steps are done in bulk for some props (Scatterguns, Übersaws, Bundles and the like) or individually for others (Pipe Launcher, Custom Order and such). If you are curious, send us a message!


-1079 Plasma Cutter, Arkan swears the coding will be finished this week! Color changing is done as well as the controls, The jittering colors are what makes it so hard!

-1099 Axtinguisher, blood is added and then it’s shipped! Supplies came in very late and with immense delays earlier this quarter, it was insanely long to complete but it’s now 99% done.

-1103 Metal Medic Bundle, we’re finishing the paint and last assembly by the coming days! Late supplies, once again. Can’t sand what’s not there unfortunately!

-1111 Scorch Shot 3D Model is being reworked, printed as soon as it is done this week! The Übersaw is already printed and awaiting rough assembly of the blade and overall sanding. The Classic Festive Scattergun is done in terms of “Scattergun”: now we need to wire the festive lights and assemble both of them together!

-1106 Fire Axe is printed and half assembled. Coming right after the aforementioned Scattergun! Expecting about a week worth of work with both the print and wood, maybe less, before shipment!

-1108 Dead Ringer needs another 3D Model improvement again, but it’s almost there! The hinge is the biggest stress point and we’d like to strengthen the prop a bit more! Nothing has been printed yet, but our machines will be working on it very soon!

-1110 BLUE Pipe Launcher with 1 projectile is fully printed and sanding starts this!

-1112 Classic Übersaw is printed and awaiting the same steps of #1111.

-1113 Medic Bundle is to be printed, said step starting later this week!

-1114 BIG IRON NCR RANGER BUNDLE WOOHOO this one will get tackled on by August but we’re very hyped to be back to making Ranger stuff again! More on that one for the Q3 Update post! Contains the Ranger Sequoia (updated for a cleaner look and moving parts) with its engraved holster, an embroidered duster coat, a chest armor and the glove and forearms plate. Can’t wait!

-1115 RED Metal Medigun, awaiting further progress.

-1116 Don’t Starve Together Ancient Cane, awaiting further progress. Meatballs. 

-1117-1118 Soda Poppers, awaiting further progress. 3D Models need a cleaner locking mechanism for the barrel to break open and it’s almost done!

-1119 Construction PDA, new cleaner and better 3D Model to be made with pressable buttons and such. Awaiting further progress.

-1120 Metal Scattergun, awaiting further progress.

-1121 Classic Scattergun, awaiting further progress.

-1122 RED Pipe Launcher with 6 Projectiles, awaiting further progress. (<3)

-1123 Classic Scattergun, awaiting further progress.

-1124 RED Medic Bundle, awaiting further progress.


As you’ve read some are far from now and are “awaiting further progress”. The work on these is the usual: 3D Modeling if required, 3d printing, sanding, early assembly if needed, primer, paint, electronics, and so on! We’re constantly busy and working hard, so are our printers. When we’re doing pretty much any kind of work, everything else is being printed alongside the day! MACHINES!

Arkan is due some administrative work this week as well as some coding and 3D Modeling duties! In the meantime Kao’s is doing her usual work at the shop so everything keeps moving forward!

We’ll be in touch with you by the end of this week to inform you of all of this information!

Your order is not listed here? It either has been shipped if your order’s number is before 1103, or has been placed at a later date post this update! Get into our email box if you have any questions! 

We can’t thank you enough for the support throughout this quarter, and especially this past weekend. A huge thanks to Shork for reaching out to us too, more on that as we go..!

Have a wonderful day!

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