Q1 2023 News!

Q1 2023 News!

Greetings! We’re trying something new so we can better inform you about our schedules and what we are working on by months, weeks or days! This is a tryout and it may be subject to changes as we progress through the year(s)! This will also serve as a “progress” log as we’ll have shop upgrades and whatnot going on, so this way you can check how we’re doing! 

TL;DR: Plasma Cutter, Medic Bundles, lots of Scatterguns and festive electronics, Frozen Aurora Pipe Launcher, Axtinguisher and obligatory annual price increase to follow the cost of things.

These are written at a certain date, so things are likely to progress and change pretty quickly! So do not panic if you see “no available printers” or “time”: this is usual and explained right after, we only have 2 brains and 4 hands to do all the work!

Let’s get into the orders list first. This will be listed by order numbers so check yours here for a quick overview and send us a mail for more details. They are not addressed through priority. Some take time to make individually while others are printed in batches and quicker to get out. When some are left with paint to cure we sand away the ready-to-work-on parts so no orders are left waiting!

-1079 Plasma Cutter: 3D Model fully reworked and printed! Arkan is figuring out the PCB and electronics as well as sanding and hydro-painting by the coming week. Assembly will be around the same time.

-1084 Medic Bundle, Über Red Classic: Medic Backpack almost fully done, base paint is settled and awaiting clear coat to cure as well as adding details like the cross and fake paint scratches. Medigun is being sanded and primed soon.

-1086 Frozen Aurora Pipe Launcher and Projectiles: 3D Model reworked and printing. Arkan is prepping the paint scheme and expects to have it ready by February. The additional purple sheen will require time to cure correctly before any clearcoats. 

-1088 Medigun, Chargin’ Red Classic: 

-1093 Soda Popper: Wood work done and half of the pieces are being sanded.

-1086-97 and 1101 Australium Festive Scatterguns: Scatterguns props are made in the big batch and painted separately depending on the variation selected. For now all our Scatterguns have the rough woodwork done and are awaiting our printers to be available.

-1094-95-98 Classic Scatterguns: See Aussie Scattergun update.

-1096 Classic Festive Scattergun: See Aussie Scattergun update.

-1100 Metal Festive Scattergun: See Aussie Scattergun update. Also, first order of the year!

-1099 Axtinguisher: We have all the materials available. The fake barbed wire will take a bit more time as it occupies a lot of space in our workshop and we don’t want to contaminate other curing props. Awaiting time to make it.

-1102 Medic Bundle, Chargin’ Red Classic: No available time to print for now.

-1103 Set, (1) Über Metal Red Medigun, (2) Metal Bloody Übersaw and (3) Medic Backpack: 

We are upgrading and speeding our printers with better components and this will cut time out while keeping the quality and strength our props need to have! Another printer arrived and we’re setting it up this week to have a total of 4 running hot all day! 

We expected to have more ready by the end of January but our current printers required more maintenance than expected due to the cold. Now it’s running smoothly and we’re back at full work capacity! 

Some orders were placed with our plate already full as stated previously through our banner and main page last year, so these are being worked on right now! 

Additionally, our prices increase. This is our annual prices increase to follow inflation and cost of materials! This change will take place on February 3rd of 2023 and will not drastically move our current prices! We want to keep on crafting and take on bigger projects without sacrificing our work’s quality and personal health with the multiple global crises going on.

Finally, our next projects! This is on more personal levels but a guideline to what we’d like to craft. From TF2: a Demoknight set, a Pyro Set with two primaries, a Flare Gun with moving parts and the stock axe as well as Lollichop. Bigger prop overall, and expanding to Engineer with full moving parts. We need to rework our lever-action only Scattergun but that’s coming for sure! Arkan cosplays for this year will be related to Darkest Dungeon and Kao’s are from Critical Role campaign 3! These last ones are to be worked on in our own free time. We might do more Darkest Dungeon prop for the shop and Monster Hunter, but we’ll see how it goes Schedule-wise as we need to complete orders first!

Thank you for your patience and taking the time to read! By the time you’ve red this, we already got many steps done!

See you around, 2023 is promising!


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