Meet Kao's, Arkan Cosplay's Artist!

Meet Kao's, Arkan Cosplay's Artist!

Tl;Dr: Hi there! I’m Kao’s, working at Arkan Cosplay. A 22 years old french woman with a passion for drawing and artsy manual work from Alsace. Nice to meet you all!

Kao's working on Kurion skull

Since what feels like forever I’ve been passionate about artsy stuffs. Plurals. My biggest hobby have always been drawing but I love trying new things and experimenting. Since joining Arkan I discovered how much I actually like sewing clothes and painting all over their painstakingly-made 3D props. 


On the study side I haven’t done anything truly related to art or cosplay. I went in Literature since I’m a booklover and I could study art as a side-class as well so… An obvious choice. I then branched out in Sociology which taught me a lot and helped me grow as a person. I finally took a job as a waitress while figuring out where I wanted to go next - but mainly because I needed money. I joined Arkan one fateful evening to help them paint übersaws. We used to joke a lot about working together and from this point on we seriously started to talk about founding a two-persons business.

Kao's ubersaw help batch


I’ve been cosplaying as a fan a few times before at conventions mostly and I loved it. Still I probably wouldn’t have made a job out of this hobby if Arkan hadn’t invited me to join them.

This was exciting and exactly what I wanted. I was worried about my skills since I was a little behind his own experience but it’s still the best decision I’ve made. Now looking back I think we complement each other pretty well and it will only get better. We have high-chemistry and I hope you’ll see it!

Kao's holding Kurion as Evy

And that’s all I can think of putting out here so... Let’s end it there. It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope to see you soon on our Social Medias and Shop!


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