Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2022!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2022!

Hi! This is the yearly Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales announcement and guidelines! Please read to quickly learn how it’ll go on!

TL;DR: PST/GMT-8, Friday 11-25-22 you get -10% on everything, followed by -5% until the end of the following Monday 11-28-22!

Discounts are applied automatically at checkout, so don’t worry about any codes to enter that you might forget! Final price is displayed at the checkout!

Next! We will be having 2 separate sales following each other! Here’s how they will work!

First one! Starts on Friday 25th of this November as our Black Friday Event! It will be for the full 24 hours of said Friday by PST/GMT-8,. Every order (items already available, commissions and requests) will be 10% off! 

For requests you’ll have until December 15th to place your order to benefit from this discount. This will give time to set up the pricing, links and details of what you’d want - together!

Second one! Starting right after Friday for 72 hours and ends by the end of the following Monday is our Cyber Monday Event! It will get you 5% off on everything! Any rule stated above is still valid!

Check your timezone to not miss out on our sales!

This is important! Orders that are placed through our sale events might not get finished by this December! We have batches of props ready for quick clear out but we also learned awesomely from last year: what we prepared ourselves for might not be enough! Your order will be on our to-do list for December 2022 and early 2023! You will get your hand-crafted item(s) soon enough, don’t worry!

Scatterguns and the like are quick to make in batches but bigger props like the Pipe Launcher, The Original, Mediguns and Full Medic Bundles will take longer than what we have left of crafting time once the orders pile up! This applies to new items and requests, but check in with us just in case you are wondering! We’ll happily reply!

Check our FAQs if anything troubles you, chances are it’ll be answered there! Send us a message through our contact form so you do not get trapped in our spam box too!

That’s all for now! See you soon!


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