UPDATE - Sturdier Designs!

UPDATE - Sturdier Designs!

Hi! We had feedback on our latest props!

Over the years we’ve had shipping services break our props, so we went for thicker cardboard sheets, denser bubble wrap and huge bags of filling. This solved the issue.

But now with our heavier and more complex designs, we heard that 3 of our "main" selling props (Medigun, Pipe Launcher and Scattergun) had issues. Designs one, that I, Arkan, am in charge of.


SO! We have updated every prop to have even more resilience and fit-in parts. Wooden parts are to be slid in 3D Printed parts, glued with 3 different bonding agents as well as secured with either rivets, snap on internal clamps or screws. We’ll be printing some of the most stressed parts with huge infill or replace them completely with machined pieces. This assures there are no flaws on our ends.

We don’t want to have any more sad customers because we could have done better. This might add a week of two for new requests, but we prefer to get that much more time so nothing gets broken.


Thank you to the people that are giving these well needed feedback. This is essential for us in order to get better - and that’s what we want! That and cool pictures of your received items!

That’s all for now! We’re back to the “nothing breaks anymore” timeline!

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