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Important Q2 2024 News!

Greetings! This is a very important post that we want everyone to read to be up to date with our current state of production, all orders being cleared out, what is planned already for the rest of the year and more!

TL;DR: Arkan health issues hindered our craftship heavily, we moved out of our health hazard home and settled in an amazing place, we’re back to full speed with delays and lateness we are displeased with and currently clearing everything out before taking commissions again in August 2024!

The following feels necessary to go on about. Rest assured Arkan is doing well! We really want to be open and honest about the behind the scenes!

Arkan’s health has always been an issue throughout her life and she handled it well for 26 years, until last December while resting after an eventful and very packed year’s end. The stress she put herself in for TFConnect 2023 to give it her all, having so many items to craft all at once, Kao’s hand injury that had her take triple shifts and double work to make sure things were going smoothly while being careless when it comes to taking care of herself… It was not a healthy cocktail while being deprived of proper vacation and rest since 2021-ish. So, her body had a nervous breakdown. She is doing good but it has been a difficult happening right as we started 2024. To put it simply: she suffers chronic pain averaging 7/10 on a good day, her old leg injury requiring a walking cane at 26(ish), random nosebleeds due to fatigue and stress; a lot to go through daily. She has professional help to ensure everything is alright as things are settling back for a calmer time. Arkan is adjusting to her condition and is in the workshop every workday, do not worry! Production-wise we’re back on track, sanding props away and doing whatever needs to be done.

Arkan Cosplay hell health hazard house

Following: we moved out of our old health hazard place! That took more time than anticipated. Who knew having +7 years worth of supplies and projects as well as being artsy people meant having a LOT to move around while having only 2 pairs of arms..! We handled that well, though this didn’t help Arkan in her recovery. We are now in a warm, insulated, air and leak tight home with new work spaces that we’ll have the pleasure to work in and ON! At the moment the basics are installed to craft daily, and we want to have something that is a true workshop, but it’ll suffice for now.

Moving our life and business inside a safe place got us extremely motivated to get to work once there! We had an ongoing delay in mid-2023 that we took into account when accepting more work but when Kao’s slashed her hand we should have reacted quicker on closing our commissions. January 2024 was too late of a reaction and we want to make sure everything gets done properly to account for that mistake. Being in a prosperous environment, out of danger and living instead of surviving is allowing us to focus fully on what we want to achieve globally, rather than being in a perpetual humid cold struggling to have paint curing properly. We are taking steps to keep our intended diligence when it comes to our crafts and our vision, as well as enforcing policies for the 2 of us to keep safe, uninjured and having a clear communication with people that are supporting us in our endeavours. 

Arkan COsplay Team Fortress 2 TF2 Pipe grenade launcher cosplay prop

Right now we are grateful for the people that are understanding of our situation. We urge anyone to reach out if there is an issue with your order and/or when it will be delivered, if we have not already. We are committed to crafting and delivering, and we value your support and time. Arkan has been crafting for others since 2016 and right now she wants to make the right decisions to ensure we get to make props and cosplays on schedule and keep having fun.

To lift spirits up a bit, this is what we have planned for the remainder of 2024! 

Firstly, we are reopening our commission in August 2024! We did announce that already though..! It will happen if we’re done or nearing the end of all ongoing orders so it might not be by the 1st exactly though we’re committing to this date! The closer we’ll get to it the easier it will be for us to have a reminder for anyone awaiting our reopening! 

Secondly, and if Shork’s fundraising goes well for Meet the Real Medic: we will be making the full set for it! Walls, props, practical effects, costumes, the whole lot! Arkan has done some pre-planning but nothing is set in stone as it is Shork’s project! 

Finally… This following screenshot is Arkan’s reason as to why she crafts in the first place, but we’re not ready for any announcement yet… Easy guesswork!

Arkan Cosplay totally not plan for self made productions

For now we’ll get back to crafting and catching up on orders! Once again, please reach out if there are any issues, we’re pretty complacent and understanding! We'd rather solve things positively both for your sake and ours!

Have a wonderful day and thank you for your time!

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