NCR Ranger Forearm Plate

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Forearm plates protection for your Ranger.

Protection with filthy rags wrapped around for protection? Best armor selection in the Wastes! The NCR Veterans made their choices regarding the supposedly best defense so what do we know? 

The Plates are flexible and have a discreet elastic strapping under to cover with rags on each side to get an even better wearing experience and not having to readjust your wraps every now and then. 

Made with Recycled High Density Foam and cotton wraps.

You can get them in various size and style:

-Lightly Weathered means that only the metal has some faint impact or cuts. Nothing truly remarkable but enough to give it some depth and unique details. 

-Heavily Weathered is some bullets being shot at you, deflected by your plates and some heavy dents and cuts from dirty raiders assaulting your squad on the I15. 

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